I am not mind

but I experience it !

Your body is food too. Stop identifying with it.

Let’s step back a moment and think through so far what you ate in entire life.

So called food we ate so far has it own life. If  we are non vegetarian, we eat the body of another life being. If we are vegetarian, it easy to understand that other animal have bodies and function just like your body. All trees have life and grow, their nuts and fruits are by products of their bodies. Just like our kids.

Since humans have more organized than any other species, we forget to remember that our ancestors dealt with animals in forests, some of them eaten by them. It pretty clear, our bodies are perfect food for other animals and other life forms.

When we identify ourselves with our bodies, which is pretty common with any other animal in this world, we strongly believe we are the body. Anything happens to our bodies, we feel it happens to us. If body needs something, we think we need it. we do things to full fill it. If body does not like something, we do things to avoid it. Though mind plays key roles to get attach to our bodies, in the end we are strongly believe and bond to our bodies as self. We lost our true self, do not know what it is.

Remember, Remember, you are not mind, neither your body. Mind and bodies are temporary tools, they come and go. They are time bound. But your are not time bound.

Stop identifying with body. Let us take care of our body and  provide what it needs to survive. But strike balance between attaching too much to it. Once you see the difference, you already solved many problems in your life.  Is not it that, most of problem origin from self identification with body and min and then branch out more and more problems out of it?

I do not mean, simply thinking and using reasoning and intellectual knowledge will unbind the false believe that your are not body or mind. By practicing and cultivating the seeing truth as truth and remembering the truth every moment will bring you to see your real essence.

Everybody is different. For some seeing truth as truth can happen in this moment. For some it may take more time. For some its only denial of truth and continue to believe body and mind are self. You do not need to convince anybody. Did you see the truth your self accurately and continue to see it rest of your life is most important than convincing others.

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Pleasures are not Happiness


We are made of biological bodies. Bodies made of biological sensors. We were told we have five senses. Those five senses are in our body parts.

  1. Vision through our eyes
  2.  Smell through our nose
  3.  Listen through our ears
  4.  Taste through our tongue
  5. Touch through our skin

We experience whole world through these five senses.  When world gets in touch with our senses, we experience the world.

We choose to listen to a song,  which is pleasure to us. Does my ear simply capture sound or they listening ?. We know, ears are needed for listening but they do not listen, we listen. When sound meets the ear, ear generates the sound sensations, which are interpreted by our mind. That completes the listening. if anything broken in this process, listening does not exist.  When mind wander while listening, you are not listening, but sound may exist.  When our ears does not capture sound, your are not listening, but sound may exist.

We entirely depend on our senses to experience the sensations generated by them. We categorize these senses as what we like and what we do not like. Visual sense is more tricky, the moment we see something, sensations arise reaches the mind, vision establishes.

Pleasant sensations are not happiness,  unpleasant sessions are not un happiness. But we decide to categorize that way, how we decide it? We decide it through what our mind says.  Which is 6th intangible sensor we poses, the MIND.

  6. Experience through our MIND.

All 5 sensors are nothing, with out 6th sensor interpreting them and concluding logically. Mind also passes suggestions on our reaction by creating pleasant or unpleasant sensations to rest of body.  Just the way our biological senses reacts to particular sensations from outside world, we react to our own mind reactions. In a way mind is our primary sensor, that is why we all  believe 5 senses are working perfectly in our dream,  even though they are shut down during our sound sleep. Mind can recreate the exact sensations needed to believe we are listening, we are seeing in our dreams.  This special nature of mind makes us to believe that we are the mind.

Happiness does not need any sensations to experience, when all sensations seize  to exist in our mind, what is left is Happiness.   Just the way we can not experience music without having some degree of silence between notes, we can not experience sensations without having some degree of happiness in between them. When we do not have enough degree of silence between notes, music becomes noise. When we do not have enough awareness to see the happiness between all sensations, we seems to lose happiness.

When we believe temporary as permanent, we try to chase them in our entire life. We depend on our pleasure sensations to avoid or get away from painful sensations. In the end we deceive our selves, believe pleasure is happiness. We forgot to look into our self, understand what we made of. We are not our mind, we are not our sensors, we are not sensations, we are what left, when we take out mind, look beyond it, that is what we are. That is pure happiness.  You will not find it outside, we will only find inside, since your are that ultimate happiness.

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When conditions exist, things arise


When conditions exist, things arise
— Buddha

When you adopt passing thought as our own, it holds your attention and then you get lost in that thought. When you get lost in your thought, you become that thought.  Once you become that thought, your emotion arises and become fuel for current thought. When your emotions become fuel for thought, you believe your the thought. When you become thought itself, you start seeing more passing thoughts from point of view of current thought. You adopt and become another passing thought. The cycle repeats several times in a second and it happens at light speed. In a second we become many thoughts. We fuel, nurture, become thought after thought. This continues stream of thoughts we labeled as MIND.

Mind does not exist by itself, it arises and experienced when you become bunch of thoughts. When you become mind, you think you are mind. You believe self is the mind and mind is the self.

I am not my mind. Your are not your mind.

We can separate our self from mind through awareness. Awareness arises when we let go of past or future created by our logical mind. When we let go of logic.

Just the way we become thoughts, we need to become awareness by letting go of all thoughts.  This can be done, many human beings done this, whoever done it and gone beyond mind, we called  them as “Buddha”. Gautama is one of those Buddhas.

Our goal may be challenging, but beginning it is half done.

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