I am not mind

but I experience it !

You are lighter than Air. Faster than light.

You are not body, which is physical and needs it own maintenance from birth to death. You are not mind, which is non physical but perceivable by you 24×7. Even after death, you can think. Just the way you can think in your dream. Brain continue to rewires itself based on thoughts you exercise. This helps you prioritize your frequently used ideas and emotions to be communicated to world quickly. Accessing non frequently used thoughts or emotions will be take back seat, only show up when outside conditions trigger your emotions to bring old memories. In a way, you brain is bridge between your thoughts, memories, emotions and outside world.

So, who we really is?  Imagine drop of water in sea jumps out of water wave and can perceive a big sea and again it merges back to sea. Does water drop is separate from sea? does it have its own existence? Is it with in the sea or sea itself?. Answer is yes and no, depending on which moment of time water drop is separate from sea or sea itself.

Now lets use similar logic to air. If you have empty bottle and tight lid on it. Air exist inside the bottle and outside bottle. As long as lid not let the air out, bottled air is separate from rest of air in the world. It has its own individuality, it has it own quality of air. The moment lid is open, air with in the bottle merge into air on earth. It’s individuality will be last with in few moments and then get purified and become one with air on earth. no longer it has self identity.

Both water and air are physical things, one is visible and another is non visible for humans. Both are made of matter. Just the way fish lives in water, never bother consider water which it living. Humans live in air, never bother to remember much about it. So it clear that, we are not only physical, not only seeing physical things, we are walking and sleeping in physical matter called air.

So, once again, who we really is? We are not physical beings like regular matter. We are lighter than air since we are not physical matter. Just the way fish out of water can not survive. we can not survive out of air. As long as we carry body, we are bound to physical limitations. Which brings the self identify, linear  time perceived by mind. In other words we got conditioned by physical body and environment we live in to believe that we have limited capacity and power on outside world.

last time once again…who really we are? Just a water drop is sea itself, air in bottle is whole air on earth itself. We have temporary self which perceive life of our own and world around us. Once we release the self , just the way water drop goes back to sea, bottle of air goes back to air on earth. We are back to whole life on earth and whole universe. You and me and anything you perceive and do not able to perceive also that life. We are that same life. There is no difference. Only difference is colored perception of self for brief moment of time in this universe, when we get to believe we are separate.

Do not think too much about self and troubles around you. They never be as important as you. Dreams exist because of dreamer. Dream always changes never be as import as dreamer. Dreamer is real and always exist, dream continue to change. Do not worry too much about your thoughts or dreams. Just have a healthy thoughts, enjoy it by ignoring any selfish thoughts or harmful thoughts for you and others. Your life going to be more meaningful that way. Journey of life is more important than reaching goal. The one who is on journey is more import than journey itself. Find out who you really are by ignoring all thoughts. including what you think or believe self is.


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Arrival Movie – Spiritual Entertainment

Underlining theme of movie “Arrival” is non-leanier thinking. If time is circle, it has no beginning and ending. If language spoken by aliens is circular art. There is no left to right, or right to left, or top to bottom reading. It can be clock wise or anti clock wise reading. Protagonist in the movie, interprets the alien language by  thinking in non-leanier way. Which is a kind of tool or method, which enlightens her.

Movie was edited and presented in non-leanier way. Music was recorded with out beginning and end notes. Like a continues flow of time. All scenes are written with sense of uncertainty, which keep you engaged.

if you like mind bending movies, with spiritual theme. This is it for you. This movie is not about regular alien destruction or end of world scenarios or non stop action scenes. It is about self exploration.

Concepts I excited about in this movie:

  1. Non leanier thinking leading towards enlightenment.
  2. If you know future, and do you still choose to make decision to live accordingly?
  3. Climax twist. (If you do not understand ending, see last 5 mins again)



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Your body is food too. Stop identifying with it.

Let’s step back a moment and think through so far what you ate in entire life.

So called food we ate so far has it own life. If  we are non vegetarian, we eat the body of another life being. If we are vegetarian, it easy to understand that other animal have bodies and function just like your body. All trees have life and grow, their nuts and fruits are by products of their bodies. Just like our kids.

Since humans have more organized than any other species, we forget to remember that our ancestors dealt with animals in forests, some of them eaten by them. It pretty clear, our bodies are perfect food for other animals and other life forms.

When we identify ourselves with our bodies, which is pretty common with any other animal in this world, we strongly believe we are the body. Anything happens to our bodies, we feel it happens to us. If body needs something, we think we need it. we do things to full fill it. If body does not like something, we do things to avoid it. Though mind plays key roles to get attach to our bodies, in the end we are strongly believe and bond to our bodies as self. We lost our true self, do not know what it is.

Remember, Remember, you are not mind, neither your body. Mind and bodies are temporary tools, they come and go. They are time bound. But your are not time bound.

Stop identifying with body. Let us take care of our body and  provide what it needs to survive. But strike balance between attaching too much to it. Once you see the difference, you already solved many problems in your life.  Is not it that, most of problem origin from self identification with body and min and then branch out more and more problems out of it?

I do not mean, simply thinking and using reasoning and intellectual knowledge will unbind the false believe that your are not body or mind. By practicing and cultivating the seeing truth as truth and remembering the truth every moment will bring you to see your real essence.

Everybody is different. For some seeing truth as truth can happen in this moment. For some it may take more time. For some its only denial of truth and continue to believe body and mind are self. You do not need to convince anybody. Did you see the truth your self accurately and continue to see it rest of your life is most important than convincing others.

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Everybody is a born twins

When you born, you not only born with body, you also get non materialistic body with you. That  is your own twin, which is your Mind.

As a kid your might have know difference between you and your mind.

You might have complained your mom, Mom so and so says that. Doctor might have said, it is normal for kids imagine somebody with them.

Mom might have said, nobody with you. Be quite and sleep in your room.

As you go alone, you forgot about your twin. You no longer distinguish your self from your own Mind. Now there is strong bond between you and your mind. Mind becomes you. You become Mind. You can not differentiate your self from Mind any longer.

 what ever Mind convinces you to do, you just do it. Your mind looks for reason and chance to repeat what you did. Your repeated actions and speculation of mind, becomes your character. Did you decide anything recently, may be not, 99.99% time you just followed your mind. Because you are not aware of difference.

Mind has it own limitations, when you assume your mind, you own the same limitations.

Mind is like a air. You can not stop it moving. Its keep moving from one thought to other, endlessly.

You may not stop your thoughts, but you can train your mind keep it’s distance from you.

Having quite and clam mind will reduce the thoughts, it will let you see your self. Quite the mind more clear you can see yourself.

Simple tips to start letting go of chattering mind:

a) Keep aware of your thoughts and feeling, remind your self that they are not you.

b) You are perfect being, who is observer of thoughts, feelings and body your have. But do not identify yourself with them.

c) Follow the morals: no lies, no killing/hurting, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no addiction to drugs.

d) Breaking morals, causes more disturbance in your mind. cause more pain. If you happen to break them already. Start accept it and work towards not breaking them now and in future.

e) Act on wholesome thoughts, ignore the thoughts which will hurt you and others. Let go off them.

f) Have your own time of 30 mins every day to pray god, or simply sit down in quite place or spend time with plant and flowers alone.

Try those simple steps, you can start seeing life opening up for you to explore. 


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Reason the Reason

What did you do so far today?

You may come up with many things or tasks you accomplished or yet to accomplish.

What did you do so far in you life?

You may come up with important achievements or major challenges faced in your life.

If you dig deep, all you did so far is engaging the mind in one thing or another. Every fraction of second your mind continue to reason to conclude the information, continue to reason to accept something, continue to reason to reject something, continue to reason why you did something, continue to reason why you want to do something, continue to reason why your right, continue to reason why others are in-correct. Continue to reason why you need to dream, continue to reason what you dreamed. Continue to reason why you need to compare with next person.

Mind fuels itself on reason. “Reason” supplies the needed energy to continue your thought stream. Branching out from one reason to other and another. It created a tree with complex branches, size of whole earth.

If want to sell something, you need to tell stories until customer is hooked to one of reasons from your stories. If you want to convince your family members, they will get convinced once they find a convincing reason in your story. Or others may reason that your story is not reasonable.


Reasoning is a chain reaction, it starts with an idea, idea itself forms out of convinced reason. Reason helps to create another idea, idea creates more reasons in chain of thoughts. Every day, every fraction of second we are succumbed to reasoning mind. We are totally lost in this reasoning, anything else we do is nothing compare to time and energy we spend on reasoning. This will create an illusion called “Duality”. Reason separates you from things you see. It creates the self-identity. It creates the whole universe for you. Strong reasons or ideas create strong beliefs. Strong beliefs create strong passion. Strong passion creates narrow  mind to achieve something. It will create strong self-identification. In other words it will create strong duality. Strong duality does not let go of illusion of self identify. Strong attaching to self creates the misery and sorrow.

How we get out of the reason? Can we get out of it by reasoning the “way to get of it”? No way, the moment you start reasoning, you lost the grip on it. It’s catch 22. This reasoning is so strong that, it is not easy to get rid of. In fact we are afraid of get way from it, because it gives you a reason that, it is you. You can not get rid of yourself !!! remember catch 22!.

One and only way to get rid of it is by not reasoning, cultivating the mind not get lost in reason after reason. With carefully watching the mind and let the reason come and go way. By continuous practice with out falling for reason. You need to be mentally strong to be not fall for reasoning mind. That can only achieved by improving the concentration. More you develop concentration, more you aware of your mind. More you aware of your mind, more you can watchful of reasoning mind and let it go off it. More you let go off it, more you get grip on the mind.

Remember, you can not use reasoning mind to win the reasoning mind. That is why you pick a method to focus on something and improve the concentration. Your method can be anything, it should not look for reason to do it, it should not know what is the end goal. Even it knows the end goal, it should not attached to the goal. Just blindly practicing the method everyday, you calm down the reasoning mind. Once reasoning slowness down, foggy cluster on your thoughtful mind gets more clarity. It see the things as it is than the way you want to see.

After continues practice for several days or weeks or months or years, you reach a stage where unnecessary reason goes away. You just use reason to live your domestic day to day life.

Words can not justify the mind which crossed the reasoning. The mind which cross the reasoning, does not need a reason to love. It does not need a reason to forgive. It does not need a reason to live. That mind simply exist in pure bliss.

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I happen to ran into movie “Revolver” thinking that it’s B grade action movie.

I was surprised to find it’s indeed a great spiritual journey, psychologically in depth movie. Without much ado, I would like to present some of dialogs and quotes from the movie. Movie quotes are numbered, my explanation on them follow right below them. It get better idea, I have added few words in brackets of dialog or quote to understand better.

What is ego


1. “The greatest con that you ever pulled, that making you believe that he(EGO) is you.”

Recognizing that you are not your mind/ego. It is pulling the greatest con of creation. However you can NOT recognize it just reading books or blogs, you should experience it by detaching your self from on-going thoughts in your mind.

When a parasite lives on host, host does not recognize that he become a parasite. Host believes he is parasite and acts accordingly. Ego is not a object to recognize in the outside world.

Ego is right in that thought, right now trying to divide and dissect the information on this blog, trying to form opinion out of what you read so far.

2. You know what’s so elegant about this little game (Life).. Jake. Nobody knows where the enemy is. They do not even know he (Ego) exist. He (Ego) is in every one of their heads.  And they trust him. Because they think they are him.

3. if you try to destroy him(ego) to save them. They try to destroy you to save him (ego).

I guess this is the reason, who won the ego (many buddhas from past), not dare to dispute with our egos. Rather they take round about approach, giving you technique/method to beat ego, with out telling you what is the end goal.  If they tell you up front, ego wins. Because you have not recognized the ego yet, you think you are that ego, does not want to see it separately. It makes the progress difficult.

How ego keep wins:


a. You do all the hard work, I (ego) just help you along. The art is for me to feed pieces to you and make you believe you took those pieces, because your smarter and i (ego) am dumber. In every game and con there is always an opponent and there is always a victim. More control the victim think he has. less control he actually has. Gradually he (victim) will hang him self. I (ego) as an opponent just help him along.

b. formula has infinite depth in it’s efficiency and application, but it’s staggeringly simple and completely consistent. (regarding above formula and applying it on victim)

1. Rule one of any game or con, you can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent (ego).

2. More sophisticated the game, more sophisticated the opponent (ego).

3. If the opponent is very good, he places victim inside an environment (Earth?)  he can control, bigger the environment easier to control.

4. So the opponent(ego) simply distract their victim (you and me) by getting them consumed with their own consumption (seven sins?).

5. bigger the trick, older the trick, easier it is to pull it. Based on two principles:

5.1 They (you and me) think, that can not be that old.

5.2 They (you and me) think that can not be that big, for so many people to fallen for it.

6. Eventually when opponent(ego) challenged or questioned, it means victim’s (you and me) investment and thus his intelligence is questioned. No once can accept that, not even to themselves.

7. You always find good opponent (ego) in very last place you ever looked (in your own mind).

Destroying the ego


1. You heard that voice so long (your own thoughts), you believe to be you. you believe to be your best friend. (Recognize that your not mind)

2. Where is the opponent should hide? the very last place you ever look. (in you own mind)

I will stop here. There are different techniques in the world, to turn tables to destroy ego, they are based on same principle of how ego wins.

Giving your own money/things hurts your ego. Donation is the method/technique to reduce the ego. But if it happens with own name recognition or pride, ego is back in the game.

Is this reason we  invented, “random kindness.”?

Anyway, everybody busy with playing game with their own egos, including me. Out of million people, few hundred recognize that they are in game played by their own ego.

Out those hundreds, one or two will win the game. We call them “One who transcended the mind”, in short “Bhudda”.

last but not least:

Wake up Mr. Green

–Wake up ..”Who ever reading this blog”… time to recognize the ego/mind is not you, let go of parasite controlling you.

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We share what we have


As a new-born we share our presence in this world

As a kid we share our feelings through emotions

As a toddler we share  toys and words

As a child we share  fun and food

As a teenager we share our values and questions

As a grown up we share our strong desires and ideas

As a senior citizen we share our memories

On the last day of  life we share our regrets

Every moment what we experience is what we share

We share what we have

After death, we share our whole life to universe, we are ashamed of what we did or we did not

In the next life we want to love every being we meet and we do not meet

We want to reborn to correct ourselves, the moment we born, we forget all we learned in past life

I would like to remind you once again what matters : “Pure love and Forgiveness”.

They cost nothing,  more you share them, more you get them.

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Challenges are angels to remind the self.

bird on glass

bird on glass

Challenges are our best friends. They are  with us, they provide opportunity to change ourselves. They are neither road blocks nor the stepping-stones for ego, they are purely there to help us to remind the pure and happy self.

Time is not in wall clocks or wrist watches. It is just measurement of earth rotation on itself. The real experience of time is felt by continuous series of events happening in our life. We categorize them as good or bad based on the emotions we exercise through those events. Some of the events cause strong emotional reactions on the self. The event itself is neutral, the way we perceive it and customize it according to our view-point generates the reactions. Based on our past memories, personal character, morals we follow and beliefs we hold, our emotions may be strong or weak, good or bad on that event.

Strong emotions we exercise  dominates the logical sense, we submit to emotions, our reactions lose the balance too. Nature always manifest to help us, because we are not living in the nature, we are the nature.  The emotions we exercise strongly become our own wishes. Nature manifests itself to recreate similar emotions through different future events. Place and people involved in the event may differ, but emotions we wish will repeat. As long as we focus more on persons involved in the event, or their reactions, we miss the bigger idea, we feel like we lost control on event, other people have to change.

Let me repeat once again,  “The emotions we exercise strongly become our own wishes to the nature. Nature manifest itself to recreate similar emotions through different events”. Its our own wish to the nature through our reactions causing and creating new future events. Change should come from “within” by being watchful of our own emotions, our own reactions to events. Unfortunately emotions override the logic, we do not even remember what we read just now in the nick of the moment. But we win this by help of one angel. It’s name is “Awareness”.

Awareness is the key to understanding the self, if we can understand ourselves, we can understand all kind of beings, we can understand the architecture of universe.  Awareness can be developed through prayers, through meditation and through being aware of yourself every moment. Which ever technique you choose to follow, do not forget the goal of  “being aware in every moment”.  Let not your emotions master you, you be the master. Just the way, every person in the family is important to create the family, every being is important to create nature.

Be watchful of your emotions in this moment, moment after moment and every event, slowly you pick up the awareness of emotional self.  Do not hug the unhappy emotions, do not hold them, let them go.  One step at time, we slowly master the opportunity of challenges given by angels to help us to master the self.

Heaven and Hell are right now on earth through everybody mind. Make a good choice of choosing which one you want to live in.  I choose heaven by letting go of hell. You are next.

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Matter influences Mind, Mind influences Matter


How does whole universe is made? where these trillions and trillions tons of matter born?

Science says energy can not be created or destroyed.  Spirituality says everything is manifestation of energy, it neither born, never dies. Though both agree on it, science see energy as  third person, spiritual people sees it as everything in the universe including self. Matter is the manifestation of same energy.  All the forms and shapes of this world and our own self is made out of the same basic energy. Subtler energy does not have shape or form. Gross level energy will have shape and form, we call it matter. Gross energy always co exist with subtler energy.  In other wards, matter is partial manifestation of subtler energy. That also means the chair you sitting right now, is the formation of same energy too.  Basic movement of subtler energy co exist with it’s gross level shape called “chair”.

When subtler energy manifest it self to gross energy, it becomes a shape or form.  All visible objects or beings contains both gross energy and sutler energy. We  are also made out of same energy, so is our Mind. When we eat food, we not only eating gross level energy, we also eating subtler energy associated with it. What ever we eat or drink becomes part of our own energy.  It influences our own energy at subtler (mind) and gross (body) level. We love to eat certain type of food, food is matter, it influences our mind.

At the same time, Mind can also influence matter. According to quantum mechanics, the observer of experiment influences the result of experiment. When there is no observer, electron behaves like a wave. When there is an observer, election behaves like a particle.  That means matter exist when the observer exist to perceive it, if no observer, matter is just bunch of waves. It is evident that our own mind plays a important role in this universe.  We observe or perceive whole world through our own mind. It does influences the matter (or forms of gross energies).

We need to be careful about what kind of thoughts we entertain every moment. Those repeated thoughts influence the events in our life. We need to be careful about what we eat, they do influence our mind and body.  Healthy mind leads to healthy body, healthy food leads to healthy mind.

Make healthy choices in every moment. Understand the different between pleasure and need. Let go of past,  let go of future, let us live in this moment with full awareness of choices we make. Current moment is  important than past or future, that is why we call it  “present”.

Happy holidays!!.

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Let it go ! Let it go !

Each moment our biological senses captures a lot of information and pass it to our primary sense the Mind. Mind interprets the current information based on past experiences and pass on its new judgement. We react according to our mind judgement. Our reactions (or actions) to deal with situation become a new information for our mind, more we repeat same reactions (or action), more we cement them as belief and these reactions (or actions) are strongly imprint in our mind. A set of actions (or reactions) we repeat become hobby.  At the end, these set of strong imprinted artificial information defines our character.  We also define it as self, thinking that we are mind. If you continue to repeat our hobbies too  frequently, they become addiction.  By this juncture, we lost control on our thoughts, become a slave to our addiction. Continuation of addiction may lead to greediness. At this point we do not need reason or logic to understand why we need to do what we have been doing. You do things just for sake of doing, which brings temporary pleasures.

The process of mind capturing the information and passing judgement based on our past hobbies happens several thousand times a day. As long as our senses are awake, this continue to happen. When we go to sleep, mind still active and rehash our intense experiences, feelings and create dreams. Dreams do not have logic, they are simply based on intense feelings and emotions you stored in your mind.  Dream is a manifestation of our own intense feelings and emotions.

Mind continue to store these memories one on top of another like a stack, which does not have any size limits, let’s call it “memory stack”. Oldest memories are at the bottom of memory stack, newest memories are at the top of stack. When we do nothing, memory stack pop the intense memory from top of stack.  That is the reason why, you remember the recent thoughts first than older thoughts.  However the moment we get thought, we do not let go off it. We possess that thought  or become the thought, our old hobby of reacting to judgement of mind starts. If you simply observe the thought and not to react at that moment, thought becomes weak, next intense memory on top of stack pops up. More you show patience and continue to observe thought after thought with out reacting to it, this will also get weaken. Weak thought will comes back like a guest, we should be careful not provide the food to it, by add emotions,feelings, physical action or mental action on it. If we do not, it will get further weaken. After few repetitions (or visits) of weak thought, due to lack of conditions, thought will vanish out of stack.

Best way to see it is, before you go to bed watch out last three topics mind thinks about, the moment you awake up, check the topics of thoughts. You can find that, mind start picking topics of thoughts you left last night. Due to less intense emotions and feelings in early morning, thoughts feel lighter, easy to let go off them. Now we know why we feel better, positive and happy after good sleep. How do we get rid of this stack, if not at least some of the memories on it?  We can get rid of them by letting go off them.  Yes, we get hook to our memories, as long as we entertain them by indulging in thought after thought on same feelings, mind continue fill the stack.


Thought is like a virus. Virus does not die, it comes alive when ever there is favorable conditions, virus does not live by itself, it lives on host and becomes the host. So is your thought. Things act as fuel to the thought are:  emotions, feelings, logic, reaction, judgement etc.  Awareness helps to improve the watchfulness, concentration helps to keep you in this moment. Using our awareness and concentration, we can watchful of our thoughts and watchful of our reactions. When we let go off those emotions, let go off those feelings, let go off those negative reactions, thought automatically vanishes. There are plenty of tools you can use to master the watchfulness, by default you have one important tool, called “life”. Other tools are: practice of meditation, prayer, forgiveness, gratitude, empathy, service to people around you etc. what ever tool you choose, start using it today.

I agree, it’s not easy task, but there is no escape to avoid this stack you carry life after life. It’s is invisible burden we continue to carry. Just the way sleep does not end the mind, death does not end the mind. You start where you left in next life. Feelings, Emotions and Judgement are fuel to the thought, let us not fuel those thoughts, let them go !  practice forgiveness.  Remember, thoughts are temporary, they are like passing clouds, they are like paper tigers. You are the one making them real.

Wait a second, one more important thing, you can still hide the old thoughts with new happy thoughts, it does not mean your old thoughts go away, you simply add layer of happy thoughts in stack, it’s like adding good scent to existing bad odor. There is no escape, at the end you still need to throw away that dead rat causing bad odor, adding good scent is only temporary deception.

Remember, remember, here now! current moment. Let go off past, Let go off future, Let go off  judgment. Let go off passing thoughts.

Let it go! Let it go!

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