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Arrival Movie – Spiritual Entertainment

Underlining theme of movie “Arrival” is non-leanier thinking. If time is circle, it has no beginning and ending. If language spoken by aliens is circular art. There is no left to right, or right to left, or top to bottom reading. It can be clock wise or anti clock wise reading. Protagonist in the movie, interprets the alien language by  thinking in non-leanier way. Which is a kind of tool or method, which enlightens her.

Movie was edited and presented in non-leanier way. Music was recorded with out beginning and end notes. Like a continues flow of time. All scenes are written with sense of uncertainty, which keep you engaged.

if you like mind bending movies, with spiritual theme. This is it for you. This movie is not about regular alien destruction or end of world scenarios or non stop action scenes. It is about self exploration.

Concepts I excited about in this movie:

  1. Non leanier thinking leading towards enlightenment.
  2. If you know future, and do you still choose to make decision to live accordingly?
  3. Climax twist. (If you do not understand ending, see last 5 mins again)



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holywood spiritual entertainment 1

It’s bean while I did blogging. Here I am back with my interesting blog.

Holywood movies consistently uses the spiritual literature to shape up their stories. I blogged about “revolver” movie in the past.  I would to re surface some more movies on spiritual concepts. There many spoiler alerts if you have not watched the movie yet.

I would like to start with recent movie “LUCY”. A women thrown into unexpected circumstances to deal with by a friend. That helped her to realize the her own power. Her power controlling on her own and external forces continue to improve step by step. This movie cleverly explain the power of mind, how it can control everything. This is clearly in line with Pathanjali yoga sutras. He explains road path of powers and miracle of progressive mediator.

When I was in college. I happen to see Matrix and hooked up instantly for it’s both technical action scenes and screen play. Many scenes in Matrix movie explain import concepts of spirituality. Let take some time think about concept of below movie clip:

Neo (new or new form) meet his first spiritual guru. Neo is computer hacker by profession. Matrix (“Maya” or “Illusion” in philosophy) is manged by computer. Who can defeat them? Computer hacker. So is the meeting.

Offering of red pill and blue pill is nothing but, showing two different paths. Either continue in current path (Living life as regular guy, believing illusion is real) or choose a new path (Meditation to hack mind) of hacking matrix. Neo chooses Meditation. Rabbit hole goes deep. More he search, more depths of mind we can find. Not by thinking. By learning of skills of not getting attached by thinking.


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