I am not mind

but I experience it !

You are lighter than Air. Faster than light.

You are not body, which is physical and needs it own maintenance from birth to death. You are not mind, which is non physical but perceivable by you 24×7. Even after death, you can think. Just the way you can think in your dream. Brain continue to rewires itself based on thoughts you exercise. This helps you prioritize your frequently used ideas and emotions to be communicated to world quickly. Accessing non frequently used thoughts or emotions will be take back seat, only show up when outside conditions trigger your emotions to bring old memories. In a way, you brain is bridge between your thoughts, memories, emotions and outside world.

So, who we really is?  Imagine drop of water in sea jumps out of water wave and can perceive a big sea and again it merges back to sea. Does water drop is separate from sea? does it have its own existence? Is it with in the sea or sea itself?. Answer is yes and no, depending on which moment of time water drop is separate from sea or sea itself.

Now lets use similar logic to air. If you have empty bottle and tight lid on it. Air exist inside the bottle and outside bottle. As long as lid not let the air out, bottled air is separate from rest of air in the world. It has its own individuality, it has it own quality of air. The moment lid is open, air with in the bottle merge into air on earth. It’s individuality will be last with in few moments and then get purified and become one with air on earth. no longer it has self identity.

Both water and air are physical things, one is visible and another is non visible for humans. Both are made of matter. Just the way fish lives in water, never bother consider water which it living. Humans live in air, never bother to remember much about it. So it clear that, we are not only physical, not only seeing physical things, we are walking and sleeping in physical matter called air.

So, once again, who we really is? We are not physical beings like regular matter. We are lighter than air since we are not physical matter. Just the way fish out of water can not survive. we can not survive out of air. As long as we carry body, we are bound to physical limitations. Which brings the self identify, linear  time perceived by mind. In other words we got conditioned by physical body and environment we live in to believe that we have limited capacity and power on outside world.

last time once again…who really we are? Just a water drop is sea itself, air in bottle is whole air on earth itself. We have temporary self which perceive life of our own and world around us. Once we release the self , just the way water drop goes back to sea, bottle of air goes back to air on earth. We are back to whole life on earth and whole universe. You and me and anything you perceive and do not able to perceive also that life. We are that same life. There is no difference. Only difference is colored perception of self for brief moment of time in this universe, when we get to believe we are separate.

Do not think too much about self and troubles around you. They never be as important as you. Dreams exist because of dreamer. Dream always changes never be as import as dreamer. Dreamer is real and always exist, dream continue to change. Do not worry too much about your thoughts or dreams. Just have a healthy thoughts, enjoy it by ignoring any selfish thoughts or harmful thoughts for you and others. Your life going to be more meaningful that way. Journey of life is more important than reaching goal. The one who is on journey is more import than journey itself. Find out who you really are by ignoring all thoughts. including what you think or believe self is.


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