I am not mind

but I experience it !

Your body is food too. Stop identifying with it.

Let’s step back a moment and think through so far what you ate in entire life.

So called food we ate so far has it own life. If  we are non vegetarian, we eat the body of another life being. If we are vegetarian, it easy to understand that other animal have bodies and function just like your body. All trees have life and grow, their nuts and fruits are by products of their bodies. Just like our kids.

Since humans have more organized than any other species, we forget to remember that our ancestors dealt with animals in forests, some of them eaten by them. It pretty clear, our bodies are perfect food for other animals and other life forms.

When we identify ourselves with our bodies, which is pretty common with any other animal in this world, we strongly believe we are the body. Anything happens to our bodies, we feel it happens to us. If body needs something, we think we need it. we do things to full fill it. If body does not like something, we do things to avoid it. Though mind plays key roles to get attach to our bodies, in the end we are strongly believe and bond to our bodies as self. We lost our true self, do not know what it is.

Remember, Remember, you are not mind, neither your body. Mind and bodies are temporary tools, they come and go. They are time bound. But your are not time bound.

Stop identifying with body. Let us take care of our body and  provide what it needs to survive. But strike balance between attaching too much to it. Once you see the difference, you already solved many problems in your life.  Is not it that, most of problem origin from self identification with body and min and then branch out more and more problems out of it?

I do not mean, simply thinking and using reasoning and intellectual knowledge will unbind the false believe that your are not body or mind. By practicing and cultivating the seeing truth as truth and remembering the truth every moment will bring you to see your real essence.

Everybody is different. For some seeing truth as truth can happen in this moment. For some it may take more time. For some its only denial of truth and continue to believe body and mind are self. You do not need to convince anybody. Did you see the truth your self accurately and continue to see it rest of your life is most important than convincing others.

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