I am not mind

but I experience it !

Everybody is a born twins

on May 10, 2014

When you born, you not only born with body, you also get non materialistic body with you. That  is your own twin, which is your Mind.

As a kid your might have know difference between you and your mind.

You might have complained your mom, Mom so and so says that. Doctor might have said, it is normal for kids imagine somebody with them.

Mom might have said, nobody with you. Be quite and sleep in your room.

As you go alone, you forgot about your twin. You no longer distinguish your self from your own Mind. Now there is strong bond between you and your mind. Mind becomes you. You become Mind. You can not differentiate your self from Mind any longer.

 what ever Mind convinces you to do, you just do it. Your mind looks for reason and chance to repeat what you did. Your repeated actions and speculation of mind, becomes your character. Did you decide anything recently, may be not, 99.99% time you just followed your mind. Because you are not aware of difference.

Mind has it own limitations, when you assume your mind, you own the same limitations.

Mind is like a air. You can not stop it moving. Its keep moving from one thought to other, endlessly.

You may not stop your thoughts, but you can train your mind keep it’s distance from you.

Having quite and clam mind will reduce the thoughts, it will let you see your self. Quite the mind more clear you can see yourself.

Simple tips to start letting go of chattering mind:

a) Keep aware of your thoughts and feeling, remind your self that they are not you.

b) You are perfect being, who is observer of thoughts, feelings and body your have. But do not identify yourself with them.

c) Follow the morals: no lies, no killing/hurting, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no addiction to drugs.

d) Breaking morals, causes more disturbance in your mind. cause more pain. If you happen to break them already. Start accept it and work towards not breaking them now and in future.

e) Act on wholesome thoughts, ignore the thoughts which will hurt you and others. Let go off them.

f) Have your own time of 30 mins every day to pray god, or simply sit down in quite place or spend time with plant and flowers alone.

Try those simple steps, you can start seeing life opening up for you to explore. 



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